I'm in my 30s and I still have an inexplicable joy from stickers. Pretty much any kind of sticker and sometimes I don't even stick them on anything, just look at them from time to time

@cypnk Going to get a new laptop next year. So pumped to have a new surface to plaster with H.Town stickers.

@cypnk Well. It's actually very explainable in my case. I'd rather have stickers of my choices (Free Software ans privacy promoting stuff) on my laptop, than having the usual marketing you find on laptops (Intel/AMD. And maybe AMD/Nvidia sticker, not to mention the windows one 馃ぎ)

And stickers are a good way to hide the manufacturer's logo. I paid for the damn thing. I certainly don't want to be the sandwich-man (for free鈥) for IT companies.

@cypnk To go one over even: I ordered a ROS (robot operating system) T-Shirt *and* a onesie for my baby son.

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