@crazypedia if you clicked it you gotta listen to the whole song. that’s the rules. it will be over soon.

@crazypedia this is actually, by some metrics, true! I did a whole video essay about just this on my channel. Took a TON of research, and I am really proud of this video. CW: swearing

yewtu. be/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

@crazypedia who would win?

A cyber security guide/training or some ginger singer?

OCR Output (chars: 185) 

$AiA Fallible
ay @​snewbill
lam willing to bet that Rick Astley has done

more to prevent folks clicking on unknown

links than all cyber security training

OCR Output (chars: 185) 

oh. now I see the alt text

@idlestate I'm sure someone will find the ocr bot contribution helpful too 😊

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