The thing about saving the day in is that it's not the cool console cowboys of the movies.

You saved the day 6+ months ago when you followed through on the findings of your security audit and implemented mandatory regular training and testing of your user base.

Love it and/or hate it, users are your best first and last line of defense in security

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@crazypedia anyone working on infrastructure and security/safety of any kind understands. If you see heroes, it's because something went terribly wrong.

It's showing up every day and doing the right things even when it's inconvenient or hard that keeps things running and safe. When you do it right, it's nearly invisible

@calcifer @crazypedia I'm just going to say that I am so glad I left my last employer. Their entire approach to infrastructure generally, and also security, was about "giving super heroes a chance to shine." It required a lot of super heroes to fix things that were constantly going terribly wrong.

@vortex_egg @crazypedia yep, "Rockstars" is a giant red flag. We need way more Roadies.

@calcifer @crazypedia "We need everyone to be sharpshooters who can knock out entire projects without explicit requirements to meet the latest whims of the execs over a single weekend."

Their entire architecture and infra org was oriented around that one principle.

@calcifer @crazypedia That is almost a verbatim quote from my last manager.

@vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia I've worked with cowboys and heros. I try to minimize the damage they can do but it's hard because management loves their flash.

@nomad @vortex_egg @crazypedia and I don't understand why. As a manager, the couple of "rockstars" I've been saddled with were always a collosal pain. I need this grass planted, I don't need you reengineering the seeder for the 9th time this year.

@calcifer @vortex_egg @crazypedia because they very publicly "save the day" (by fixing the damage they frequently cause...)

@nomad @calcifer @crazypedia The entire bonus and promotion cycle was decided along these lines. And it was a very middle management heavy company. Everybody’s route up the ladder looked like either “saving the day” or being in charge of people who “saved the day.” It encouraged a LOT of bad behavior.

@nomad @calcifer @crazypedia Reengineering the seeder for the 9th tine this year would absolutely get you brownie points. Even more so if there was a readily available widely used COTS or open source alternative and you eschewed it to “build it here” instead.

Then there was the time an exec got not one but three different teams to independently and simultaneously chase “building serverless”… in our own data center.

@nomad @calcifer @crazypedia And don’t get me wrong, this was absolutely a colossal pain for everybody involved. Everything was constantly breaking and requiring company-wide after-hours emergency fixes and restarts. It was the perfect picture of dysfunction.

@vortex_egg @nomad @calcifer @crazypedia I've found that a company that promotes firefighters is actually training arsonists.

@nomad @vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia Quote away. I wish more managers could figure out the bullshit is coming from inside the building.

@erosdiscordia @nomad @calcifer @crazypedia I mean, I think they know it's coming from inside the building. Just not from inside the C-suite.

@nomad @vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia really big mood here. Had a "rock star" type leave my current employer a few months after I was hired and had to take over his duties with the help of another coworker who had just been hired days after the "rock star" left.

Bosses were concerned/frustrated at the teething pains and amount of hours it took to do waht "rock star" was doing, but his stuff was so hacked together and poorly maintained we had to do a lot of work in order to do it right...

@msh @nomad @calcifer @crazypedia omg this! Having to clean up after a rockstar’s wild weekend bender coding parties while being judged for not putting on a glitzy show (when you’re just trying to be the janitor) is the absolute worst.

@vortex_egg @msh @nomad @calcifer @crazypedia that's also, I feel, part of the reason for tension often existing between developers and sysadmins.

Developers want to push stuff out. Sysadmins know they will have to support whatever gets pushed out for the next decade or so...

@rysiek @vortex_egg @msh @calcifer @crazypedia That was part of my living hell at amazon. So glad I'm gone from there!

@nomad @vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia one thing "rock stars" have a talent for is looking good to bosses and customers by quickly saving the day putting out fires they inadvertently set themselves.

Another thing they are talented at doing is exiting stage left when they see a smouldering mess they won't be able to put out.

My bosses know that wha the new coworker and I did was critical and we came out better for it but I don't know if they appreciate how close to utter disaster they were.

@vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia

"We need everyone to be sharpshooters who can knock out entire projects without explicit requirements to meet the latest whims of the execs over a single weekend."

An accurate summary of every IT job ad I read so far in the last decade...

@cadadr @vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia oh oh, and you get to work in a "young, dynamic team" with "flexible working hours". Perhaps you also need to set-up a company to work with them on a b2b basis so as to "be your own boss" thus "giving you more agency and control"?

@rysiek @cadadr @calcifer @crazypedia “All of our teams have full decision-making power” is 100% hands down a threat and not a perk.

@vortex_egg @cadadr @calcifer @crazypedia translated, it just means:

You shall be held personally responsible for:

1. not implementing management's ideas the exact arse-backwards way the management concocted them;


2. any damage caused by implementing management's ideas the exact arse-backwards way the management concocted them.

@rysiek @cadadr @calcifer @crazypedia It’s got one more:

- every team is going to build their crap in whatever way they want and then be responsible when everything fails to interoperate in production… and then keep doing it after each time it blows up

@rysiek @vortex_egg @calcifer @crazypedia be your own boss (and secretary (and accountant (and marketer (and HR person (and barista (and cook (and office boy (and janitor))))))))!

@calcifer @vortex_egg @crazypedia i wonder if all those people exclusively hiring 10×Rockstars have ever heard of the Apollon Effect

where each of these Apollos that you hired tries to outshine the other, to the detriment of the "team" and the project.

@calcifer @crazypedia the real heroes are the people who push back, hard, against egos, crazy management ideas, and bad policies.

Those who answer when somebody decides to pick a fight about the "oppressive" 2FA policy or "unnecessary" backups.

Those who say "no pasaran", often risking their very jobs, when a higher-up (or just well-connected cow-orker) pushes or demands a thing that puts others in danger.

@rysiek @calcifer we have people like this in it, finance, and now project and development, and it's the #1 reason I am not looking for a new job 😅

@calcifer @crazypedia when things have quietly and imperceptibly grown, it's easy to forget there was a gardener

@calcifer @crazypedia I call this "The Bass Player" effect.

No one knew I was there until I fucked up.

@requiem 👏 💯 👏 💯 👏
You do not want a Schrodinger backup during an emergency

@crazypedia “schrodinger backup”, I’m keeping that one 🤣

@requiem "every backup is a Schrodinger backup until tested" is the rule I think 🤔 🤷‍♂️ so test your backups periodically

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