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How to spot a fed. The usage of terms like “cybersecurity.”

mufug'n HtB got me out here slapping keys at 4AM.

How I feel doing OpenAdmin on HtB.

The Streets - It Was Supposed To Be So Easy

This was a good listen. If you have an hour to kill and internet security is your dig, I recommend giving it a listen.

Bruce Schneier: How insecure, unregulated tech is endangering the world

I’m usually not a fan of fishing games, but I’ve been playing Fishing Spirits and it’s a fun family game. It even has kappas.

Accelerando by Charles Stoss is February’s book.

Released under a Creative Commons license, you can get your copy at

From Wikipedia:
“The book is a collection of nine short stories telling the tale of three generations of a family before, during, and after a technological singularity. It was originally written as a series of novelettes and novellas, all published in Asimov's Science Fiction magazine in the period 2001 to 2004. According to Stross, the initial inspiration for the stories was his experience working as a programmer for a high-growth company during the dot-com boom of the 1990s.”

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#TechnicolorRainbow cDc book 

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Anyone know of a place that makes D&D dice made out of rock and/or minerals? Looking for geologically themed dice as a gift for a friend.

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My phone never rings, all it does is ping. :/

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They make you feel alone.

It’s how they beat you. has shown us all...

You are not alone.

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@TheGibson We are all the new sorcerers. The new wizards. The present-day witchers.

We have the knowledge anyone can obtain, but very few dare.

We are vindicated, persecuted, hunted for the knowledge we hold.

Yet few of those hunting us want us to impart knowledge unto them. They either want to use us or make us stop.

Our knowledge is not hidden, yet it is a discipline so far removed from the ordinary very few want to walk in our shoes.

Was engaged in an insult battle with my son and he told me I smell so bad that my "code name" should be Big Stink.

I am Big Stink.

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You call yourself a hacker with your github repos, your Twitter snark, and your medium articles.

A hacker you say? You're a product. A cog in their machinery.

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@thegibson @fidgety @cranefist Wait. That's... That's almost a 1:1 color inversion, innit? Hang on.

*fires up photoshop*

Yeah, I knew there was a reason I'd spent years painting inverted colors.

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