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Are you a creative or advocate and need some help or want to offload a segment of the nerd crap that gets in your way?

I want to provide cheap help in overarching design, research, advising or routine. I have space for commision work and retainers available having soul crushingly missed out on a healthy remote opportunity. It's end of winter and there is little produce income on the mini farm.

While I am a garlic farmer that makes angry industrial music, I am also a well spoken battle hardened veteran of IT, media, advocacy and the arts. I'd love to help creative and ethical folks in meaningful projects.

Here is the why and the what on this mutual benefit:


Doom Kitty warming her lower half on the window box wishing you a comfy

been a string of unseasonally warm days around the place. winter is not done with us though. some hi/lo lights

-started seeds in the greenhouse
-chained a crap tonne of rounds of down gum trees to put up for splitting next season
-hand split a couple cubes of dry firewood for the next couple weeks of forecast freezing
-mower tyre had been sitting flat do to a crappy single little 10 gauge staple yeesh
-uncovered last seasons wicket on the block in the side paddock and threw down a few cheeky overs

The point is, The KLF should always be played at max volume +1. Need all the epsom salts....

As mentioned in the recent Owncast video, the project is rewriting the web interface and would love your help. If you have frontend web development experience (We're using React), or want to gain experience, now is a good time to get involved. You can have your ideas, opinions and work in the next major revamp of Owncast. Topics that are being worked on right now: Mobile support, accessibility, chat design. I've heard people criticize all these things, so now is your chance to make it better.

just added a filter for bleepingcomputer. so many useless links on fedi. much tidier.

not a fan of linking paywalls or forum walls or whatever walls yall

give me small lynx friendly web, rss, and a cloud to shake my fist at

i mean seriously "you don't have permission" to read their about page?

"thanks Rob Halford of Judas Priest, you don't turn your back on the people who love you"

look I hate just about everything, I can't watch any movies or shows without just fast forwarding thru half of them. I also hate with a capital H musicals. However, good levels of camp, bit high levels of saccharin, outstanding dose of War Pigs. basically it's a musical Napolean Dynamite and I was here for it. also Tom Morello as music producer, lol?

Metal Lords 2022

8/10 very smiles such decent

in 2020 with stay at homes looming and me at a crossroads of fighting corporate or bloated indy video solutions I was very pleased to be one of the very early testers of @owncast

In the time since I have tried to advocate and contribute where I can but admittedly I am better these days at helping collectives and users stand up services and hook in other platforms than core coding. With end user adoption growing, unfortunately behind the scenes development is lacking contributor depth to sustain, progress and thrive. I am asking for a Weird Al style Save Our Station call to go out

Owncast has made such excellent strides for an independent, turnkey, self-determined, self-hosted video streaming option, fediverse integration and beautifully eclectic growing user adoption to flourish. Let's keep it going.

If you are so inclined please have a look at helping in the code or do come back if you have previously dipped a toe in the water:

see also for info and documentation:

There are other outstanding actual jobs to help with promo. Can you or someone you knoe rock 2D infographic style explainer videos?

and behold some of the users that advertise to the directory:

I have managed some pretty cool shit for myself and others automating and hooking various boradcasting platforms and simulcasting adjacent and/or without the corporate overlords thanks to Owncast. Direct me if you have any questions how this tool can help you and yours or some more colourful real talk how important it is to sustain this project.

please with vigour!

been well slack on my probably since posting greenhouse roof repairs from the winds. mostly fruit transplants, shifts and pruning and moving compost around. many excite.

still plenty of freezing nights and emergency cloche nights, but here we have mighty garlic emerging and some quick grow things started comically early but popping up anyway in the greenhouse

garden hard! make soil not dirt!

Health tip?

Sometimes you just gotta crank the amplifier to max, rip the knob off, but on some Stevie B and yell.sing at the ceiling....

shit is a little bit heavy lately. fuck you universe. So gear shift, and I humbly

who was/is you Bananarama crush?

from the I'm not even mad it's 30 years old file...

It was great then, great now, will be great forever. I'm not what you would call an upbeat or positive kinda guy but it's just a calming listen all the way thru as is every Opus III album.

Opus III - Mind Fruit 1992

I'm a bit more partial to see also Guru Mother 1994. "when you made the mountain" is my spirit animal.

I am sooooo tired of writing articles about rampant unregulated satellites destroying the night sky (and polluting the atmosphere, and increasing the risk of full Kessler Syndrome, and dropping giant pieces of space junk on the ground, and and and).

But I'm almost done writing yet another article. Hope it helps...

great news team. I just received a first contact with the subject "Second Notice" that I am receiving a lost inheritance! we did it! only need to give address and phone.

I asked them to please send a certified bank cheque to:

Kendrick Frederik Cumberdale

and gave an address and phone for a KFC in Lagos

from the OK i guess that was 31 years ago but still pretty swoon worthy files...

I'm more of a motorcrash kinda guy but this was a swell crossover kinda jam. the discount department store aesthetic on the programme though.

well here we are. knew it was coming, but from the god damn it time, why you gotta be so relentless files...

next month = 20 years since the greatest show ever recorded dropped. I will fight you, and you are wrong.

RIP Firefly

anyone else make the chorizo pic your wallpaper? space, the meat stick frontier. to boldly smoke what no one has ever smoked before.

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