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I am actively hunting remote tech or support work as unfortunately I am immunocomprimised.

Also had a number of advisory and art patrons twilight recently hence change in my timbre

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well here we are winter time, when production all but stalls for market garden sales but energy bills shall we say skyrocket!

I'm super bad at promo. I have a lot of new music and assets material to trickle out this year as well as some more live events.

In all my catalogue is always free or donations but if you have some coin and would like to support some dark oontz of varying flavours you can get most everything at the links below. Also happy to take commision for beats, soundtracks, sound assets, fx etc. Fear my runner up in fedivision 2022 status!

all the things + subs

limited things

or if you want to avoid both of those there are d/l links at

this is all but wiped from corporate media hellholes.
Please have your neighbours enjoy some peak pre millenium all around trolling.

you're welcome

And of course my biennial reminder that if you dont heart the klf do GET WELL OFF MY LAWN.

Ok team. So i've finished a round of important meetings and I had deep cleaned my room and no cats allowed to pass thru for a day in the leadup because allergies. Let the petitie 11 week old Doom Kitty in and she ended up on my desk for the first time. Meandered toward the keyboard, browser in focus, carefully used one paw and hit only one key....F12


from the now aint that silver anniversary sneaking up quick files

in case you missed the semi obscure collab from 1998 between martin atkins and ogre Rx - Bedside Toxicology, you're welcome. challenge yourself with a full listen, some chaotic gems in there

My drum tech crew ready to go on nap.

The farmland security team demanded a warmup break in the studio from their patrols. The mum whom we took in from presumably being dumped on the roadside is called shadow and her little shadow we are keeping is now offically called doom kitty. This week for I'm happy to report the 2 lovely cloudy grey kittens from the crew as in previous posts together went to a great family home who had just recently lost their beloved cat and are over the moon happy.

1.5MB of ROM!

a delightful watch even if you aren't a drummer, nerd, or a drummer nerd

I was well fascinated with the simmons as a kid. a drummer in one of my dad's bands had a tama dumstar set, when i started touring myself in the 90s no one really wanted them so i always had some hex pads as midi triggers. tiny round gum pads were garbage, and it took forever for mesh pads to not suck vs cost so for many live applications I just used rim pickup triggers to midi on acoustics.

happy to be back using a full acoustic set with a few TD gums for loops and etc for drumming physical therapy but if I ever run across some non retro collector priced hex pads I may grab a few

my point is, I cry at least 2 buckets whenver I watch untamed heart

Are you reporting on conflicts & want to gain skills to verify digital content 🔍?

Join this webinar on 31st May & learn about:
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✅geolocation, chronolocation
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Today's dirt pic bringS us to a spot in an outer paddock that was fruiting veg, and 3 sisters this summer. being the first year in production where it was not worked as deep or friable as we'd have liked. After some viscously cold freezing nights it was mild sunny and still day. Grinded all the stubble, deep ripped to expand depth, gypsum, till, 3 tractor buckets of our own compost and lightly tilled again. Covered as much as possible to avoid winter frozen mud pie and it is basically ready for a light raking and garlic next month. with depth now established, as with our other gardens we pretty much just add and top dress "till"/rake going forward.

Also pictured the rows that were garlic last summer, now in experimental winter cover mustard to be slashed in and some test barley that seems fine after some intense snow last week and freezes this week.

Garden hard

mess with the rest die like the best
mess with the worst die first
mess with the first eat die wurst


hack the planet!

good evening NZ/AU, good morning to our antipodean cousins and hullo fediverse. it's time for (the) Wilson Philips Power Hour, the best half hour of music clips and things found on a VHS in an op shop bin...and chill chat.

Coming up at the top of the hour 0800 UTC i will rebroadcast the pilot episode 0 of darkish 80s theme, followed by premiere of episode 1 themed AU vs NZ. let's go

Pls sir can i haz sum moar

This little dude wants endless cuddles and isnt having a bar of my safety concerns under my feet while working in the kitchen.

Do you have a working cassette deck?

Journalists and investigators out there 🔊!

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🧰 evaluating tools

Doom Kitty is 10 weeks old today and enjoys 'helping' in the kitchen, and by that I mean laying on a cushion at my feet and attacking any and all suspicious shadows.

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