@drh part of my most recent existential has been being a bit intentionally scarce. I'll wear that badge of getting called out for existential crisis crew though.

@gabek Tony Bennett be like " I left my airpods in Berlin"

@krafting @homegrown disagree. it's fast, small, all single domain source, informative and zero cross domain bloat. for my use case colours are irrelevant.

Image of JRM - EC 

@Janetgunter truly looks like they'd be chuffed to show you their share certificates for Foxconn

@Janetgunter "child labour brings down the global cost of doing business and we need to be competitive" -probably also that guy

from the from aw shit son memorial compost pavillion at controlfreak field, the state of the compost is.... HOT. too hot

built a new lasagna the other day, first new pile of spring. had been keeping manure and wood dust accumulating but not too active all winter.

went to check on it on day 2 and the wood holding down the tarp was warm. over 70C, ditched the tarp, its calming a bit today. let's go berkeley!

my point is, your neighbours will love Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar 1993 by Chemlab, max volume and rip off the knob.

fuck dirt, let's soil. garden hard!

stressful day with a helicopter working out of a paddock across scaring my assistant into hiding and a cold soaked through miserable muddy boot day for the human

current status

doom kitty:
human: ugh

soil reports to come

51 years ago George Clinton produced the absolute ripper of a beast that is the album Maggot Brain. It is perfectly weird and you should enjoy the entire work in a sitting. "Super Stupid" in particular is out of this world, sure there was Hendrix, Cream and Sabbath, but this as an ensemble and production just goes waaaay harder. Legit heavy as fuck and I am here for it, you should be too.

see also all 10+ minutes of Wars of Armageddon heck yes.


@mike Apparently someone posited what could be worse than the regular final countdown?

@humanetech more of a cross between inconsequential gnat and indomitable to the outside world.

maybe you should do a poll re: the inside world...

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