mess with the rest die like the best
mess with the worst die first
mess with the first eat die wurst


hack the planet!

@socketwench rockpro64 seem available while technically nearing end of run, the crossover between other pine stuff means no probs with OS options. I have a stack of rpi of various generations from over the years doing various things but given my amiable pbp experience i tried the naked pine sbc, and i have one happily going as a media and moonlight machine and one as a boinc/science united toy.

good evening NZ/AU, good morning to our antipodean cousins and hullo fediverse. it's time for (the) Wilson Philips Power Hour, the best half hour of music clips and things found on a VHS in an op shop bin...and chill chat.

Coming up at the top of the hour 0800 UTC i will rebroadcast the pilot episode 0 of darkish 80s theme, followed by premiere of episode 1 themed AU vs NZ. let's go

Pls sir can i haz sum moar

This little dude wants endless cuddles and isnt having a bar of my safety concerns under my feet while working in the kitchen.

Do you have a working cassette deck?

Journalists and investigators out there 🔊!

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re: aussie hackers be like 

@cat 6675636b696e206f617468

@craigmaloney i sing my little buttercup while doing random things at least 3x per week

re: uspol/shitpost/cops 

@neko plus the warped perception that they are risking their lives to do whatever it is people think they do when in every index of most dangerous jobs for injury/death, police is not even in the top 20 or even top 25. there are so many more useful jobs that are much more dangerous, in fact, US police is just a sliver more dangerous than....cashier.

Musk, Lindell, cognitohazard, cannot unsee 

@thegibson thanks I needed new wallpaper

Doom Kitty is 10 weeks old today and enjoys 'helping' in the kitchen, and by that I mean laying on a cushion at my feet and attacking any and all suspicious shadows.

Today's unassuming dirt pic has nothing to do with gardening. We barely finished at dark the other night (before blizzard and days of solid gale force wind) digging out and filling an entry drive where there had been only grass, which in winter became mud. upside, deliveries and coming and going much safer, no more sinking or spinning. Downside, raised the entry 6"+ so had to disassemble the old gate gudgeons and rebuild to hang higher. Luckily only a mild wind and drizzle today. In front of the fire now.

controlfreak is now streaming on tilderadio! tune in here now:

Fedivision 2022: cursed(suffering) 

The next fedivision entry is from New Cyberia.

Song: cursed(suffering)
Artist: @controlfreak

If you wish to vote for this song, mention this account and write:
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