Pls sir can i haz sum moar

This little dude wants endless cuddles and isnt having a bar of my safety concerns under my feet while working in the kitchen.

Doom Kitty is 10 weeks old today and enjoys 'helping' in the kitchen, and by that I mean laying on a cushion at my feet and attacking any and all suspicious shadows.

Today's unassuming dirt pic has nothing to do with gardening. We barely finished at dark the other night (before blizzard and days of solid gale force wind) digging out and filling an entry drive where there had been only grass, which in winter became mud. upside, deliveries and coming and going much safer, no more sinking or spinning. Downside, raised the entry 6"+ so had to disassemble the old gate gudgeons and rebuild to hang higher. Luckily only a mild wind and drizzle today. In front of the fire now.

Today in the garden...

Been out a few times to bash down the tonnage of snow accumulating on and sagging the berry cage netting.

Onions and winter greens look pretty unphased under there its not sub zero. Might cloche them next opportunity...

Garden hard!

friends, acquaintances, adversaries, fedizens

all the tracks are now up to preview before voting opens for Fedivision 2022

the info bot @fedivision

I am pleased to be audio assaulting for New Cyberia [NCYB] with a gentle ballad you can really dedicate to your neighbours...

okfedi here is sorghum, deconstructed

We will see if we can pop the heads into something useful and will microbatch the stalks boil and seive style as we have no fancy pressing gear into some syrup or "sorghum molasses". Tried two heirloom varities tgis year as a test.

results will inform if we dedicate more space next season

been a bit slack on my dirt reports that I know everyone is on the edge of their seat for

have given the fruit trees we aren't shifting a nice blanket of home brewed compost for for the winter

also have 🚜 ripped a new section of orchard and string line and marked out for some new fruit arrivals this winter

been a pretty shit unlucky week or so around the place with one stand out highlight, you know how you can go years never quite getting a whole pineapple right, cut too soon its all rind and bleh, cut too late its all squish and bleh, well fedi this week the 🍍 was PERFECT. little victories

from the OK yeah I guess it has been that long file...

no matter if you hate it or really hate it, Informer by Snow turns 30 this year

Not linking it

bad enough you will now be yelling "a licky boom boom dem" around the house all day...


It is thursday my dudes. Here is some purple pak choi just rockin the heck out in the autumn/winter garden

Garden hard!

Junior mousing team assemble at the sat pole for high octane full throttle....naps...

here is a pile of 5wk old kittens relaxing in the autumn sun after some spirited chaos

Around the farm today finds us in the ole pumpkin patch collecting those that are finished or close before frost.

Here is some vivid autumnal colour to brighten your day.

A burrow of pumpkins etc, sunflowers and marigolds and a butterfly friend who was supervising the work.

Garden hard

everyone loves a Dirt Update

This just in, the first compost batch at the pavillion is cooling down and pretty decent results. I think it needed a better moisture consIstency, we have adjust in the middle bay with todays new batch. We waited for much more chicken poo in the wood chip litter this time around shoukd be well hot.

build soil Garden hard

Every x weeks weather dependent we shift the hens to a fresh spot. The entire house is on skids and trailer jockey wheel with shackle points in each corner. its now ready for winter and even if its a mud pie i can just 4wd pull it straight for its next 5 locations, away from the outside pen mess. The outside cage is light enough and 2 or 3 human just lifted away. Broadcasting some chicken friendly greens and herbs seeds in the scratched spots as we rotate.

This crew of hens could be laying this weekend or next week

Garden hard

A wee apid ally working the oregano this fine warm sunny autumn afternoon, and another in the calendula, and another in the the lavender. Nice to sit and listen to them work sometimes.

bees are well rad. Be bee friendly.

Garden hard

sure there was boats n hoes, then there was stacks and racks, anyone have lil jons managers number for a feature, because I give you:

hoes on hoes on hose on hose

Hold my mixtape

Garden hard

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