from the from aw shit son memorial compost pavillion at controlfreak field, the state of the compost is.... HOT. too hot

built a new lasagna the other day, first new pile of spring. had been keeping manure and wood dust accumulating but not too active all winter.

went to check on it on day 2 and the wood holding down the tarp was warm. over 70C, ditched the tarp, its calming a bit today. let's go berkeley!

my point is, your neighbours will love Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar 1993 by Chemlab, max volume and rip off the knob.

fuck dirt, let's soil. garden hard!

stressful day with a helicopter working out of a paddock across scaring my assistant into hiding and a cold soaked through miserable muddy boot day for the human

current status

doom kitty:
human: ugh

soil reports to come

successfully cleaned up and filled the other "half" of this raised bed that has aspargus rooted in the foregreound with 20 strawberry runner starts mostly from our old patch in the big berry cage along with some complimentary seed for flowers and greens. we've decided to let the orignal patch fade and use the space in the tall walk -in cage to be all raspberry. On this raised bed we can easily slap over a cloche or bird net in a light frame.

and Supervisor Doom Kitty approved the work and rewarded me with 20 head bonks.

garden hard!

yesterday was one of those 4 seasons in a day. morning was out doing some field prep and sweating violently digging raking and tilling. after lunch the wind shift and boy howdy is winter not done with us. ended up working in rain and snow for a few hours before retiring to in front of the fire.

given the external pressures on our fields from underneath (historically unchecked california thistle) and adjacent grasses and weeds from open paddocks, it takes a number of years to achieve no till or light till. we have done so in the kitchen garden over almost 6 seasons. now it is light manual gristle removal and a gentle raking or top dressing while continually building up.

here in one of our larger spaces it's a work in progess of tight mowing, spot treating thistle/weeds/grass with pine oil, chain dragging, repeat tilling and a fair whack of manual hand work. while building up compost and matter each year we get closer to being able to grow dense and intense, clear/cover, build and repeat with a lovely fine active soil.

my point is LARD is the greatest industrial supergroup ever.

be radical, don't use dirt, build soil.

garden hard!

Obviously it's spearsmint... It's a slow starter, last years on far end hopefully with a bit of a jump this spring will be ready to plant out, new seed started in the foreground.

Garden hard!

The proverbial early spring blank canvas.

For frost and ice last night pushin 30 in the greenhouse is rarher toasty.

And some early spud variety boxes setup before we get them into outer fields en masse for market.

Garden hard!

Report from the field

On fire duty, enjoying the last of the burn pile as the sun sneaks away. Biochar for cutting in new fields.

Watching lambs play king of the hill stuntin with their hops and jumps in the next paddock

And lastly my new ghostbuster spray backpack, been using hateful cheap spray bottles for years having to bend in half to pump every 5 seconds. This one made compost tea spraying the orchards a couple song job with zero up and down dicking with garbage. Plus I get to sing the ghostbuster theme the whole time.

The point is, always be sure to play Orbital - Satan, any mix or version at all at max volume plus one you know, for the neighbours.

garden hard

Doom Kitty warming her lower half on the window box wishing you a comfy

been a string of unseasonally warm days around the place. winter is not done with us though. some hi/lo lights

-started seeds in the greenhouse
-chained a crap tonne of rounds of down gum trees to put up for splitting next season
-hand split a couple cubes of dry firewood for the next couple weeks of forecast freezing
-mower tyre had been sitting flat do to a crappy single little 10 gauge staple yeesh
-uncovered last seasons wicket on the block in the side paddock and threw down a few cheeky overs

The point is, The KLF should always be played at max volume +1. Need all the epsom salts....

been well slack on my probably since posting greenhouse roof repairs from the winds. mostly fruit transplants, shifts and pruning and moving compost around. many excite.

still plenty of freezing nights and emergency cloche nights, but here we have mighty garlic emerging and some quick grow things started comically early but popping up anyway in the greenhouse

garden hard! make soil not dirt!

well here we are. knew it was coming, but from the god damn it time, why you gotta be so relentless files...

next month = 20 years since the greatest show ever recorded dropped. I will fight you, and you are wrong.

RIP Firefly

today's dirt pic brings us into the greenhouse on a mid winter afternoon. finally got around to cleaning out the last of the tomatoe etc vines. under no delusion this is "tidy" but it's heaps nicer and much new airspace. let's say a cleanish slate for spring...

potted some fruit grafts that I dont think are going into the ground this month up on the bench. did get some new grapes in the ground earlier this week to fill in a few empty spots in the grape rows. next week we are transplanting a number of semi mature but not thiving plums and apricots to a new space they may like more and backfliing apples and pears in their place where we have excellent production.

proactively seeded one side of the big raised bed with some cold friendly stuff to pop up as it can.

will need more aerial supports as the figs along the right side keep growing.

left side is lots of potted shelter and xmas tree conifers from seed, a couple of mini olive trees.

at the back mandarin and lemon.

garden hard!

a very pleasant to all from the of finca controlfreak

they spent the afternoon supervising my labour in the greenhouse and pouncing absolutely nothing in the sun.

perched above is Shadow the mum, scouting below is Doom Kitty the bub.

behold my current desktop wallpaper

cheers to clown chat for the reminder of sad ball pit memes

This handsome such and such has been dilogently trying for a few years but starting spinning wheels so to speak. Some others have crapped out alltogether so I've cut my losses, took what i could to empty a short row and slotted them in along with a few new grafts to fill the other rows. This year we had our first eating grapes and I'd like to keep that line graph climbing.

garden hard

Around the property report. 8 straight days of rain absolutely wrekt the grounds. Had a day of sun so was out chopping firewood then Sun/Mon honestly the scariest 48 hours of sustained gale winds (definiemtely hit more than 140kph) I've ever seen given it coming from a non dominant direction avoiding our mature shelter belts and build angles to deflect. Luckily it only smashed one platic chicken mash fed bin and 4 clear plastic roof panels on the greenhouse. Fine they are cheap and breaking them is better than a metal roof taking off. Animals and humans unscathed. Not too bad other than 600 trips outside to keep the hatches battened. Safe today to get up and patch with some recycled iron sheets that should be fine in limited quantity.

Garden hard?

waited a long time for availability to get another so I can have one at both battlestations. the newer one has some nice upgrades. the much more solid and secure power plug at the back, and I don't think I'm seeing things, the display is more vivid and bright.

sometimes it's the little things that keep you ticking.

cheers @PINE64

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