you might just make out the outline of mature comfrey leftovers between the fruit trees.

comfrey is awesome as an orchard companion, and when finished for the season makes a heap of awesome material for compost catalyst and dry crumbling into planting areas espcially for spuds. like a phoenix from the flame it does it again season after season.

shouts out to the bad ass allies like comfrey that get shit done in the background

garden hard!

@pkboi our main orchard is pretty tight 3-4 metre spacing between trees with a huge comfrey between each. we went with an inline model for ease of maneuvering in the aisles and also because we started with a small number of comfrey. so effectivly it is or will be just at the drip line to each side thus every tree has at least 1 side with a comfrey friend. having split some we have completed this plan.

we have happy apples and pears. and the above ground comfrey is used for tea to spray, digging in with plantings and has been awesome to help hot up the berkley style hot compost.

I'm a fan,

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