Report from the field

On fire duty, enjoying the last of the burn pile as the sun sneaks away. Biochar for cutting in new fields.

Watching lambs play king of the hill stuntin with their hops and jumps in the next paddock

And lastly my new ghostbuster spray backpack, been using hateful cheap spray bottles for years having to bend in half to pump every 5 seconds. This one made compost tea spraying the orchards a couple song job with zero up and down dicking with garbage. Plus I get to sing the ghostbuster theme the whole time.

The point is, always be sure to play Orbital - Satan, any mix or version at all at max volume plus one you know, for the neighbours.

garden hard


I like to rotate 'Satan' with other things from Hairway for Steven, and typically, I then will play 'No Remorse/Iwanna Die' by Slayer and Atari Teenage Riot.

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