It's tank man day. You can apply whatever irrelevant modern disassociated baggage you want. You can sigh at the futility of it all or call it coopted by a just as bad west. But since this simple image galls the powerful so much, I think it's an enduring example of rust upon gears and lego under the feet. Regardless, the core is if you bring a shopping bag to a one sided aggressor tank battle massacre and rep stern nonviolence, you have my hat tip.

@controlfreak Honestly, there's nothing quite as badass as just walking out of a shop onto the street, seeing tanks roll down the road towards you, as they assume you'll get out the way, and just being SO FUCKING SICK of this bullshit you just straight up square up to the line of tanks, stop them moving and basically go "FUCKIN COME ON THEN, RUN ME OVER. GO AHEAD. I DARE YOU."

I just... Regardless of any other context, that's just fuckin badass and DESERVES respect, no matter who you are.

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