Do you have a working cassette deck?

@controlfreak @enot if you'd asked 3 months ago, I'd have said yes. But my last one finally died in a way that's not reasonably repairable. Fortunately I have everything on cassette backed up

@controlfreak One in the Spectrum +2A and a brand new one I bought a couple of weeks ago - cheap Amazon job but works at least with a Spectrum 48K

@controlfreak I have several. I also have probably 100 tapes in my car, in tape cases, as I never moved them into the house from work. Where I used to use them often. The turntables get used more.

@controlfreak heh heh. I always have a good belly chuckle every time someone reminds me of Microsoft's flagship music player, the Zune. Which couldn't even play Microsoft "Plays4Sure" [Trademarked] files.

@controlfreak And their default colour: 'chocolate bar brown'.. Ugh. Microsoft greatest innovation is pioneering new levels of mediocrity.

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