For those of us who were using Amiga for ... everything... at the time... it was SUPPOSED to be a foray into more TV-centric stuff, i.e. a console gaming thing, which would let some of the folks who were in gaming be more competitive with Nintendo etc. But then the playstation happened and... well.

CD32 was after that and it was a LOT better but still.

It's sort of an Amiga. It's not quite an Amiga (:

@mjd @controlfreak wasn’t the CDTV intended as a competitor to the Phillips CDi system?

@remotenemesis @controlfreak I think it was one of the main reasons for why it was initially developed, yeah.

I'm not 100% sure on this.

Dave Haynie would know... IF he gets to another demoparty anytime I'll try to remember to ask. (He was at Datastorm and he loved it, he's totally a scener thru and thru, and he needs to be at more demoparties but you know, different continent and all (: )

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