If you ever wanted an Internet-connected soldering station that you can control remotely, well that's for you:

And if you worry that making your soldering station Internet-connected might be a security risk, fear not! It is, after all "[t]he first system with built-in cyber-security to prevent costly downtimes."

Of course a soldering station that is not Internet connected would not need "built-in cybersecurity" in the first place, but I guess I am just old-fashioned.


@rysiek it solves my problem of worrying if I remembered to turn the iron off with a new fun benefit of worrying of someone else turned it on!

@rysiek I have been kinda wanting to make barebones IOT things. So a soldering iron would have an indicator of if it is on, and a button to turn it off. You cannot turn it on remotely no matter what because the electrical switch isn’t even wired for that.

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