Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that the KONPEITO Winter 2021 tape is now available on gemini://konpeito.media - this marks the one-year anniversary of the KONPEITO project.

Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for your support of the Gemini protocol, it has really made huge strides since this project began.


Holy crap, thank you for your patience. KONPEITO is back online and the Fall tape is finally done!

I really dragged my heels on that one and for that I apologise but such is life.

Point your favorite Gemini browser at gemini://konpeito.media to snag the tape and chill out.

it's a little late and unceremonious but the new tape is out, a comfy lofi mix for a sadly very un-comfy Summer. point your favorite client at gemini://konpeito.media

new OMAKE tonight probably, i've got something rattling around in my brain and i want it before i lose it

Is it spring already? Time really flies! A new season means a new KONPEITO mixtape and I'm really, really happy with how the tape came together. If I may make a recommendation: listen to side B on this one, the ambient noise really elevates the mixtape to ASMR levels of comfy and I'm super excited about how well the two gel as the cafe noise swirls in and out of the tracks.

Point your favorite Gemini client at gemini://konpeito.media - grab the tape and just space out. Headphones highly recommended! πŸŽΆπŸ±πŸ’•

A couple of quick notes:

Firstly, it was mentioned on the Gemini mailing list that the colors on KONPEITO were made under the assumption that people were using a light-on-dark client/terminal and that's my bad but the aesthetic is important to me so I've kept them but added the option of viewing the index without the colors. I hope that helps anyone that wasn't comfy with the ANSI colors.

And, secondly, if you're trying to access the Gemini space from a proxy but it isn't working, give another proxy or a native client a shot. I'm getting stricter on where I want to see stuff I produce showing up and some proxies were allowing stuff to be indexed by Google and that's not what I want for anything I put together. I mean no offence and I really do appreciate everyone who's putting effort into writing or hosting these services but I gotta keep my piece of the underground underground, I hope you'll understand.

Feedback is always appreciated, hit me up wherever you can find me.

Love y'all! πŸ’–πŸ’•


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