still getting the hang of the guillotine, still can't find my stapler, but now I have a Very Lovely™ print copy of @vilmibm's excellent Cyberpunk Prophecies

a "Cool World" cityscape by Barry E Jackson (via Ralph Bakshi's Facebook page)

talking with @rmgr tonight it came up that I don't particularly want to make zines, what I really want to do is make covers, so maybe I should make a zine of zine covers? 🤷‍♀️

this is the cover of the Japanese phone zine which now may or may not eventuate...

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it's done! this is the last KONPEITO mix, I held off releasing it because I am a creature of ritual but now I've been able to gift this tape to solderpunk to say thank you to him for Gemini and what it's inspired me to create.

digital version should be up on tomorrow as a thank you to you all, you who've listened to and shared the tapes, you who've created your own works around our underground Internet and you who've encouraged me and inspired others to create.

be well.

today in yelling at Adelaide theater:

1. what the fuck is horse coffee?!

2. why should I mind my step, it's your steps that are fucked?!

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