"i miss BBS"
you can log on to a BBS right now
"i miss IRC"
you can log on to an IRC server right now
"i miss self hosted this or that"
you can self host your own thing right now
"i miss online communities"
join one, start one
"i miss online friends"
we're waiting for u!

the only obstacle to all this and more is yourself.

@cat A lot of times, when people say they miss X, what they really mean is they miss the existence of a distinct scene/culture around X. Like, you can absolutely dial into a BBS today, but you're not gonna find anything like you'd have found if you dialed into one in the late '80s, when there was an active BBS scene.

Of course, every scene has to start somewhere...

@jalefkowit IDK homie, there's a pretty active BBS scene right now. it's small for sure, nothing like it was, but to say it's inactive is to do it a disservice.

@cat I didn't say it was inactive, just that it isn't what it used to be.

(That's not a knock on the people in that scene now. I'm strictly talking about the size of the community, not how active or sincerely committed to it the people in it are.)

@jalefkowit apologies, you said "was" and "active" and I understood that as meaning active in a past tense but I didn't mean to put words in your mouth.

@cat Edit: On re-reading my toot, I should clarify that I didn't _mean_ to say it was completely inactive. As it was worded it's ambiguous, which I regret.

@cat 2022 is the year I go from curious to all back in on IRC, forums, etc I think.

@cat Aaaand just as I say that; Wandows crashed and AdiIRC didn't remember a bunch of rooms I joined the last couple weeks. It interestingly enough did save the server windows and connections.

@cat my take on a lot of nostalgia for “old” communications protocols, and why people don’t just use them today: it’s not just the UI, it’s the specific communities that were on BBSes prior to ~1995 and on IRC prior to ~2013 that dissolved or moved elsewhere that they miss

and the community you can build on a BBS or IRC today is not the same community that was able to be built back then

@cat I spent several years with a IRC server installed on my local home network … but I didn’t had much great conversation with myself 😂

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