@cat Anything is portable if you are strong enough.

@cat where did you get a picture of 2001 me?

@cat this is the real meaning of what a "portable" computer is

reminds me of an instruction video I saw a few years back showing how a simple piece of rope can add a handle or even sort of backpack straps to any regular or odd-shaped object.

not quite the video I recall as it only shows how to make a courierbag-like harness for box-shaped objects, but it's a decent one I remember watching around the same time:youtu.be/FY5qqc980W4


To bad he had to make a second trip to get his printer. I see that parallel port cable!

I'm guessing the other arm is helping balance a 40 lb CRT on his shoulder.

@cat I remember seeing these on Slashdot back when CmdrTaco was in charge.

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