Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that the KONPEITO Winter 2021 tape is now available on gemini:// - this marks the one-year anniversary of the KONPEITO project.

Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for your support of the Gemini protocol, it has really made huge strides since this project began.


@cat tracklist looks fantastic! I recognise a lot of artists.

I can't beleive I missed all these mixtapes of yours

@cat yessss and i was able to download it with a home-made script! <3

@cat I'm getting TLS errors. Certificate expired again?

@paladin1 i don't use manual certs anymore, molly brown should be managing the certs

Yeah that was it. Working now. Thanks for continuing to produce great stuff!

@cat @paladin1 Sorry about that! @makeworld recently found and fixed a bug which would reliably cause crashes when serving files which are too large, relative to the amount of available RAM. I merged the PR, if you do a pull and then rebuild Molly you'll hopefully get a *much* more stable experience.

@cat One year already! I distinctly remember listening to the first Winter tape on my phone not very long after it was released, while walking to the local shops on a cold and rainy night...

Time to dedicate a new MiniDisc to the next year! So glad you're sticking with this.

@cadence might be but i'm afk - i'll have to kick it back to life in the morning

@cat Thanks! Do let me know, I'd like to see.

@cadence back up now, thanks for your patience!

Here my Gemini site ;)

@cat I am not a smart man. How do I acquire one of these? Or maybe they're not for sale...?

@eviloatmeal they aren't for sale but the audio and covers and stuff to make your own are all in gemini space on gemini://

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