how much of internet traffic is just garbage being moved around do you think? spam and newsletter emails nobody will read, mail to wrong addresses and error return mail, pings no one is watching, join and part messages from silent IRC channels.

i feel like i live in a churning garbage dump.

I think the biggest issue is streaming. Nothing wrong with it as such, except that the simplest DRM is to never cache anything locally. So we're shovelling around gigabytes of things we could avoid. No wonder video makes up the majority of internet traffic.

Oh, that and porn.

@cat Likewise, most of the economy. Money moves from place to place without any meaningful value being created anywhere in the chain.

Likewise, most conversation. Lot of noise, little meaningful content.

Likewise, most bureaucracies. Lot of paperwork, little meaningful work.

Any system will evolve to have all it's excess capacity taken over by bullshit, until further capacity is created, or the system starts collapsing.

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