Holy crap, thank you for your patience. KONPEITO is back online and the Fall tape is finally done!

I really dragged my heels on that one and for that I apologise but such is life.

Point your favorite Gemini browser at gemini:// to snag the tape and chill out.

@cat hmm, looks down for me. Did you put it on a different gemini server or back on jetforce? I remember jetforce crashed on you a lot.

@tomasino @cat Down for me, too, but the news that this tape exists and is (almost) released has made my day! Can't wait to complete my 2020 Konpeito MiniDisc!

@tomasino i changed to molly brown, i guess it's a new problem! boo

@cat @tomasino Ah, bugger. Have a look in the error log and if it looks like a bug in MB then let me know, I'll get right on it!

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