hey i'm not usually the kind to post "hey you, do this" content, i don't like telling people what to do, but i wanna talk about and kids real quick.

today all the schools in my state closed, as i'm sure did many others in australia and all over the world

my friend @brendantcc is one of the kids affected. we got to chatting about stuff and because he was interested i gifted him a asterisk course.

it seems like a rad thing to do, if you have a nerdy friend who's knocked out of school because of this mess maybe think about gifting them something to learn.

@cat @brendantcc

Asterisk, and telephones in general can keep a kid occupied for many hours - I was fascinated by telephones (and telecommunication in general) as a teenager in the 1980s, which ultimately developed into what I do as a job today...

It was mostly just you and I trying to figure out why your Cisco ATA was being a lil shit and quickly giving up, but yeah thanks for giving me somethin' to do mate :)

Also double thx for telling me about CodeAcademy

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