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The cat lord, or master cat, is the ruler of all forms of felines from domestic cats through the giant lynx to the largest of smilodons. Some believe the cat lord to be at least a deity of minor sort; others claim the cat lord to be a malign creature of evil. Those who truly understand felines know that the cat lord is neither good nor evil but concerned with cat-things alone. He roams the Prime Material, Astral, and Ethereal Planes.

so UFO cults made a comeback. huh. that one was not on my bingo card. 🛸

- Welcome home, baby.
Zed-10: "Shall I intestinate?"

"i've got this little cult of followers that go places with me"

they're called your friends you weirdo

when did people get so insufferable what the hell

in the morning TDK gets to watch an episode of Play School and an episode of Teletubbies and man the difference is jarring. Play School is intelligent and educational and culturally really rich, Teletubbies is honking sounds.

I was really feeling the first demo, where she's just using the Fever Pitch but then she brings in the Syntax Error thing and man I love it so much. I wonder if I can find any dungeon synth projects that kind of swing between the more medieval sound and a crunchier video game sound.

after a bit of distro/wm wanderlust I'm back on qtile, I just really, really love it. I don't know why I ever feel like I need to try anything else.

theme needs work tho, this is the default Garuda settings and the colors clash a bit with the Msyu wallpaper.

maybe I need a different spirit for the laptop, something a bit more pastel and cute? Msyu suits a stronger machine TBH.

I usually hate these weirdo over-engineered PC cases but man... I can't stop thinking about this one with a 1:6 scale pilot in it and Wipeout/Designers Republic style graphics on it.

these are what I want for my phone. i had a line on a big pink one a while back but I let it slip through my fingers -_-

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