If you're interested in joining and making your mark on the disk, it's just an e-mail away! Check it out!


It's also on Gopher!


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i have this really terrible habit of getting obsessive about stuff, like to the point of mania - sometimes it'll be good things; i played telehack and minecraft until my eyes crossed and most of my skills in photoshop were learned overnight because i was so laser focussed on the stuff i was creating at the time.

other times it's bad things, for example the last few days i've been watching a half dozen livestreams of the madness in Minneapolis unfolding, news sites open, police scanner blaring, until i was physically shaking from stress and anxiety, barely blinking.

noo don't join the decepticons you're so sexy

Time to finally announce the big project I've been working on for the past several weeks - Sector Disk!

Sector Disk is a platform where users can own the individual, physical sectors on a 3.5" 1.44MB disk and write whatever they want to to them for people to see! :p It's like a message board on a floppy disk!

I'm officially accepting public signups starting now and accounts will officially go live starting TOMORROW @ midnight May 30th (UTC)

Please join! :D


Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow are my favorite soundtrack artists right now, they're just amazing, everything they produce grabs me right in the ghost

sometimes, when it rains heavy enough, some water drips into the burrow

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