i want to buy a bunch of copies of 12 inches of snow on cassette in various stages of decay and use them to make a collage of snow

i'm watching machinist videos and i'm obsessed with the dichotomy between the hard, heavy steel and the delicate instruments and microscopic measurements needed to make it true or flat.

i may have been smoking a bit.

Have you been eager to try out git? Is it a little bit intimidating? Well now you have your friendly neighborhood tomasino to help!

What is Git? A peertube introduction from yours truly!


or if you hate freedom, on Youtube:

PS: Next time I'll figure out how to fix my gain and not be super quite. Promise! 😜

had a really busy day of organising stuff and it felt good, i'm in much higher spirits

milo is one of my favorite lyricists right now, everything he writes is so intelligent and masterfully crafted, check this album: afrolab9000.bandcamp.com/album


One of my favorite things to do is to tell my partner that I've written a song for her. Sit down with her, with my guitar, look deep into her beautiful brown eyes and sing the theme song to Enterprise.

Keep the romance alive, folks. <3

concept: lofi webcam room, if your video image is coming in at anything over VGA you get booted

I'm going to try and make it a habit to actually write a blog post when I learn something, or try something new. I have at least half a dozen ideas for articles for things I could have written about over the last year or so.

At any rate, Jitsi Rocks

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