@sindastra it is weird, until you consider the target for that is smaller companies that desperately want to be like the bigger companies.

No, no; you encounter first one ladder, then a second one. You need to take the former ladder and then climb the latter ladder

I genuinely appreciate it when people show me they're huge assholes during an interview. Saves SO much time and hassle later.

You're leaving your current role because "the company is run by a bunch of queers now"? Good to know! You'll hate working for me, and boy is the feeling mutual.

Some asshole rage quit yesterday and decided to do some "fuck you" data damage on the way out. So now a bunch of people who never even worked with the guy are gonna have to work the weekend to finish up restore and validation work and perform an audit to make sure he didn't leave any backdoors or time bombs lying about. Thanks. I hate it.

2FA questions, please boost 

@thraeryn @thegibson 1) yes, they're a fairly strong second factor

2) DO NOT ROLL YOUR OWN. Linux has excellent support for FIDO2 devices, and there are plenty of cheap options. They're not just flash drives; it's a security device and if you try to make one from a flash drive you WILL make important mistakes

@rostiger @neauoire pretty! Does the grid (instead of offset) keyboard make a big difference? I've been playing around with my own Cyberdeck ideas and I keep getting hung up on whether it makes a big difference

fascism, rpgs 

@mdhughes @remotenemesis wanting "no politics in my art" is a pretty interesting political position to take, ironically

I hear a lot of people say things like "so-and-so says they care about foo, but they aren't making it a priority so they must not really care". It's a fallacy

I care about keeping my furniture nice, but if my house is on fire, I have a more urgent focus. If you're honest with yourself, you'll likely realize there are lots of things you care deeply about that you can't focus on right now because you have more pressing things to attend to

@polychrome @c0debabe that's mostly what it is, tbh. Though the design makes some interesting assumptions and such that shape how the comms work

@Anarkat the number of times my bad decisions have worked out through sheer good luck would be troubling if it weren't pretty equal to the number of times a good decision failed utterly due to bad luck

@Anarkat I struggle to explain this to my team, along with the "sometimes you did make a bad decision. That's called experience, and it's nothing to be ashamed of doing. Just learn from it"

But the concept that the a bad outcome doesn't necessarily imply a bad decision (and the inverse: good outcomes don't necessarily imply good decisions) seems really hard for folks

I may be dating myself with this reference, but… here's the original mobile Smart phone

@polychrome @c0debabe Signal protocol is worth investigating too; it's like the polar opposite of IRC in many ways, which makes for an interesting set of design choices that are worth thinking about (even if many of them likely won't make sense for whatever you're building).

@seachaint this and how much volatile costs like food and fuel (which are excluded from some measures and overrepresented in others) will affect you. For me, given remote work and access to local farms for food, those aren't a big factor. For someone else, they might be a significant part of their financial needs.

Two negative antigen tests 24 hours apart means the required work trip probably didn't give me COVID. Cool, I can go home and hug my kids.

Things that keep me up at night, Uncanny Valley edition 

@crazypedia my theory is that it isn’t actually a thing that was selected for, but an outgrowth of our astonishingly high ability to recognize and distinguish faces for various social reasons

Since we use that ability for social trust, we get a strong feeling of unease when we see a face we perceive at a deep level as trying to trick us. When it's obviously fake, we don't see deceit; but when it's close we get our hackles up because it feels unsafe

But of course, just a guess; I'm no biologist

@Vierkantor not sure, but my guess would be esperanto and/or toki pona

@bright_helpings I did know about “no boosts” option, but wasn’t aware of “no boosts from this person”. Cool!

I do wish for a “just don’t show self-boosts”. I love boosts in general, and even occasional self-boosts, but when people do it a lot it really messes with my sense of time, and I end up having to unfollow them, which is unfortunate. Maybe “no boosts from this person” will be a better trade off.

It’s objectively true that inflation is high this year, but be cautious and take time to understand what cited measures actually are measuring when making decisions about how to react

For example, when deciding how much of a raise is “break-even” for you, it is important to understand which measure of inflation will accurately reflect what you’ll experience

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