Random reminder that your interpretation is not proof of another’s intent

It is wise to remember, especially when calling out others, that it might be a misunderstanding on your part

Incidentally, this is a thing I really like about my home instance. Almost always, I see people here calling out others in a way that presumes good faith. I’d love to see that be a broader trend.

@cy i honestly can’t tell if you’re taking the piss?

In case not, consider this alternate framing of my point: it’s kinder and more effective to be humble and empathetic when criticizing or calling out others

@calcifer @cy it is, and I wholly agree that criticism should come from a point of empathy. However it is worth mentioning in the same breath that it is also empathetic to recognize that words can be hurtful regardless of intent. I don’t believe those two things are mutually exclusive, far from it, they should be tightly coupled and go hand in hand. Empathy all around.
@calcifer @cy and to be clear, I don’t interpret you to be saying intent is the only thing that matters.
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