It’s kind of sad watching chunks of Fedi having to relearn lessons from the 90’s like “running a community website is hard, and the ‘community’ part is harder than the ‘website’ part”

And “any entitled, demanding users in the community will tend to rapidly push the people donating their time and money to run the site to just pack up and quit”

Maybe don’t be a dick to your instance admins and mods — when it’s not worth it to run a community as a volunteer, corps end up doing it for profit, and we’ve already seen how that pans out

@calcifer People really think community is easy...

Those sweet summer children.

@calcifer I only host for family and select friends - that's the scope where things can turn out fine.

It needs federated systems to not fragment too much, but it also needs much easier maintainable systems or it remains an approach suitable only for specialists.

Also don't be afraid to kick the demanding ungrateful assholes out when it's a net benefit for the community you're trying to build.

I have a single user here to take care of and that guy alone already wears me out.

@calcifer God, so much this.

And outside of Fedi, you see it in Discord servers and all over fandom - where no-one wants to step up to run or moderate things and when they do there's tons of drama. Not saying that there was never drama online 15-20 years ago, but... community moderation is hard. And we all want to have communities, but very few people want to moderate them

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