3-2-1 backup strategy is:

Three backups, on at least two distinct devices, at least one which is off-site

As more people have their primary backup in the cloud, I’d like to adjust that last one. The spirit is that you should have one copy to hand and one outside your usual work areas. Keep a local copy and a cloud copy if possible; if not, 2 cloud providers can work, but make sure they don’t share common points of failure (eg both backed by AWS or fronted by the same CDN)


I think I have this pretty well covered, though I've yet to have found an affordable way to crack the "two different types of media" angle.

I've got a bunch of hard drives in rotation.

@calcifer What’s the best way to do an off-site backup that doesn’t rely on a cloud provider? Especially for folks who work from home?

@mycorrhiza “best” is a tough one, because it depends a lot on circumstance and your specific needs.

The easiest is usually to trade hard drives with a friend. For a long time I had two drives; one was my local, one lived at a friend’s house. The local one would have more recent backups, obviously, so every couple of weeks I’d swap the drives—I’d be over at my friends and just switch them out.

Currently I have a peering deal with my father in law; he has an encrypted partition on my NAS and I on his, and we do remote backups that way. Though this is possible largely because we both have high speed symmetric net connections

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