Ye gods, people who want to not give a shit about others' feelings have really poisoned the "Relationship Anarchy" idea

RA is not "all relationships are eternally undefined and I should be able to act however I wish without you getting upset at me". You can do a that if you want, but calling it "RA" is dishonest at best

RA is, fundamentally, rejecting predefined relationship roles/types and saying "only the people within this relationship get to define what it is and how it works; and we don't have to commit to never changing that"

exactly how you approach that idea is up to you. But if you choose to do something inimical to the concept, then calling it RA is dishonest and I have no reservations about calling you out on it

@DissonantEevee nothing wrong with trying to get a hookup going; but I have a problem when they're dishonestly riding the coattails of an ethical philosophy to do it

People can feel and want whatever; but if they think "be a self centered ass" is the message of RA, then—and I'm being extremely charitable here—they have at least fundamentally missed the point

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