people being assholes about toilets again 

I see the “genders matter because toilets” discourse is making the rounds again. It’s so unbelievably creepy the degree to which people are obsessed with who pees where

I’m a cis man. I have seen plenty of women pop into “men’s rooms” when need was urgent and lines were long. No one cared.

As a parent, there were plenty of times I had to use a “women’s room” to change my kids or supervise early toilet use. No one thought I was there to attack anyone, no one freaked out — and I’m a big scary bearded cis dude.

But trans folks want to use the right toilet and people suddenly are Very Concerned? Sorry, bullshit.

people being assholes about toilets again 


Yes to all of those points, and also in every way except a little bit of (actual) plumbing cost and some crowd management (stadiums, idk about schools between classes, it's all pretty controlling or demeaning anyways) factors, single-stall any-gender toilets are preferred by all humans. It's like the open plan office humbug but for our genitals, stop it cheap bosses!

people being assholes about toilets again 

@loppear yeah the idea of gendered toilets in general has a weirdly prudish history

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