Woot! I fixed a policy limitation at work by simply refusing to apply the policy as written and standing my ground. "Family" for purposes of sick/bereavement/etc. leave now includes anyone with which the employee has a "family-like relationship", not just "blood and law relatives"

I got into a little trouble by signing off on family leave for an employee whose dear friend ("she's like a sister to me") needed some medical support, but I stood my ground on the basis that we shouldn't be defining family in a way that excludes people our employees consider family. And I signed it off twice more.

HR threatened to fire me over it, but a whole bunch of my peers and a good chunk of my team basically went together to HR and my VP and said "he goes over this, we quit". Solidarity works!

@calcifer thank you for sharing this! and for standing behind your people's needs.

@calcifer I salute you. It’s standing up, making a commitment and sticking with it in-spite of HR that makes my heart sing.

@calcifer Huh, you acted almost like an informal union! Great job backing up your co-worker, and I'm so glad others had your back.

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