New rule: you're not allowed to argue about private censorship unless you can clearly articulate your position on what curation, editing, and control of association are and how you consistently differentiate between those and censorship

We don't have to agree on those things. There are simply too many whiney fash-hats who define censorship as "when people tell me to STFU, it's censorship; police violently silencing critics, that's fine though". I'm tired of wasting my time trying to figure out if any given person using "censorship" like it's a magic word is in that category, so no more arguments from me

Cry "censorship" without any evidence that you understand the above, and it's an instant mute

@calcifer i was going to boost this anyway but then you just had to coin "fash-hats" too

i think it literally is a magic word for some of these people, like, their thinking is so simultaneously rigid and muddled that for them the label really is the thing and they weaponize it that way

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