Everyone should learn how to program. Everyone should have easy access to basic facilities to program the computers they're using — in fact, desktops always have at least some level of this (even if it's as simple and limited as Windows' Batch) already, so it's not such a big departure

"But what about people who have no desire to learn to program?" you might ask. Well, what about people who have no desire to learn how to read or write or do basic maths? Should we not have programs aimed at teaching these things simply because some people question their utility or don't wish to learn them?

Programming is literacy and numeracy and logic. Programming is learning things and systemizing that knowledge. Programming empowers access to and synthesis of data. Programming is fundamentally about choice, in the same way literacy is.

Not everyone should be a professional programmer, just like not everyone should be a professional writer. But everyone should learn to program, the same way everyone should learn to write.

@anarchistbicycleclub ultimately the choice doesn't matter much. They're all fine, they'll all teach you something. You don't have to learn it all at once: learn enough to solve a small problem, then learn more when you hit a wall. Most "learn to program" resources are aimed at teaching you to be a professional programmer, not teaching you just enough

Honestly, just learning the automation capabilities of your chosen OS is a great introduction. Use Windows? Start automating tasks using Powershell. MacOS? Learn a little bash scripting and a little Applescript (Applescript is a weird language, but it'll still teach you stuff), maybe a little Python. Linux/BSD? Bash and a little python. ChromeOS? JavaScript so you can automate things inside the browser.

You don't have to be an expert. And if you're worried about breaking things, just learn to make good backups first. You're not going to break anything you can't restore.

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