Every time I say something in support of queer or trans rights, it seems like I get some variant of "why do you care so much?"

I used to have a host of responses. Now I have just one: why the fuck don't you?! What kind of person are you to see people being harmed and just… not care?

I'm so done with people's expectation that you have to have some kind of self-serving reason to care about people being hurt. You know what my "self-serving interest" is? I'd feel horrible to ignore others' suffering. If that isn't enough for you, then I'm sorry, but we can't be friends — I draw the line at willful sociopathy

@marie_joseph I have a fair number of trans and enby friends (and honestly one could totally rock a Howl look… hm…), it's true

But I don't advocate because I have trans friends; kinda the other way around, probably

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