I've used my own blog software since way back, so I didn't realize how ridiculous self-hosting using something ostensibly "off the shelf" has gotten. No wonder people give up and use Facebook instead, holy shit.

It should not be this complicated to set up software to let you post some HTML-formatted text and a few images and generate an XML for RSS/Atom and a bit of nav structure. I wonder if there's an opinionated WordPress distro that has everything already set up you can plop on a LAMP stack and have something usable

It would probably have its own problems... :(

@calcifer Use Linux, install Apache? Has something changed? Shouldn't be that hard.

@hex and yes, fuck Facebook. By working on giving people reasonable, low-friction alternatives.

@hex put your mind into "someone who isn't an admin" mode. Get a VPS with Linux and nginx or Apache. Get certbot and set up TLS with reasonable ciphersuites. Make sure you have a reasonable and secure PHP (or node or whatever) setup for the web server. Maybe set up a reverse proxy, depending on which blog software you want. Install and config MySQL or similar. Follow the software install directions. They may include redis, docker, and systemd config.

And if you manage all that without a dependency issue, you're ready to start trying to customize templates that rely on JS and whose HTML looks like it was generated by an insane AI. Oh, and you might need to install a plugin to get RSS/Atom generation.

And a lot of this isn't discoverable: if you don't have a tech-savvy friend, you might never know to do some of those things.

@calcifer Indeed it should not be! I dabbled with @yunohost for a while and my impression is that it is next best thing for self hosting besides paying someone else to do it for you. It is rather easy with their documentation to go from nothing to a working server.

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