So folks who use on a Raspberry Pi (whether or self-run): do you use a cam for monitoring/time-lapse? USB-based webcam or a Pi Camera? Why?

I'm looking to add that capability, and my impulse is to use a cheapish USB web cam for ease of cable management and future reuse, but "Pi Camera" seems to be more common and I'm wondering what I'm missing…

@calcifer For a long time it was hard to find USB cameras with higher resolutions than 720p and they were expensive. But now there are quite a few options. The ribbon cable interface on the RPi uses the CSI (Camera Serial Interface not the show about heroic DNA testing bureaucrats) standard which works with a lot of different camera modules. I'd say, unless you need something very special and high-end, you can go with whatever is cheaper or physically easier for your setup cable-wise.

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