I've used OpenOffice/LibreOffice for a long time, but it's always been kind of heavy—I mostly persisted because I needed to deal with M$Word docs and it does very well at that

I need that a lot less now, and when I do, I can use the web version. Looking for a good, styles-based word processor that's a lot lighter than LibreOffice but has good Open Document Format support. Any suggestions ?

Bonus points if it runs on both Linux (I use xfce or openbox under Xorg) and macOS without too much hassle. Linux is required, macOS is a nice to have.

@thamesynne wow, AbiWord got a lot better since the last time I tried it. Definitely a candidate, though I have to put it through its paces

@calcifer I've been using onlyOffice, in both desktop and web hosted form (with NextCloud) for a while, it might be work a look.

@calcifer I self-host Synology Office suite and it's pretty good. If you want to just fire up a Docker container, ONLYOFFICE is supposed to be pretty easy to run and exposes webapps and/or connects to the free desktop clients on major OSes.

@calcifer I've been having good luck with OnlyOffice (open source) running in a browser attached to my NextCloud instance - I host both via Docker, but I believe you can get commercially hosted instances, too. Recently collaboratively edited a complex academic paper with great success... A great competitor for MSO 365 (excellent OOXML compatibility (blech - OOXML) sucks) and Google Docs. Sadly, not very good with ODF formats.

@lightweight yeah I poked at OnlyOffice a bit when someone else recommended it; it's interesting, but ODF is my main need and it kind of choked on anything beyond very simple ODF text docs :/

@calcifer I have Collabora Office integrated with my NextCloud, too... it uses LibreOffice (headless) on the server as the back-end... but its performance isn't as good in the browser.

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