"please disable your content/ad blocker" is asking someone to make an exception to their security posture for your site to work. It's not better than "please disable your AV software"

As a rule, that's a terribly rude and foolish request, and you should be ashamed. If there's a genuinely good reason why you'd ask a user to take risks to view your content, you should be very clear about what that reason is — and "it doesn't work otherwise" is not clear

@calcifer Exactly. The message is "Hey. Let us infect you instead of everyone else so that we can get a profit out of you." XD

@calcifer Heck, "please disable your AV software" is /better/ because AV software is notoriously shitty and can flag stuff as malicious when it's not, so there can be legitimate reasons – unlike this!

@CyclopsCaveman I mean, I even see it on sites with no ads because they make some feature dependent on some JS library that spies on users

@calcifer It's the same energy as one of biggest Polish newspaper site asking you to log in and buy subscription or turn on javascript because they "can't count how many articles you've read". And of course creating an account or logging in doesn't work without javascript, not to mention their payment processor.

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