Wait… did… did GitHub fire a Jew for calling Nazis Nazis? My expectations were low but holy fuck y'all

Link CW: context is recent uspol violence

@calcifer For the sake of argument, let's assume they guy has been a problem internally for a while and no one liked him.

Even with that, does this seem like a good move?

@GeoffWozniak yeah, any HR/manager with a spare couple of neurons to rub together should understand that this is not the "last straw" you're looking for

And GitHub long ago lost the benefit of the doubt, so they have the burden of proving they weren't malicious here IMO

@calcifer glad I set up accounts on bitbucket and gitlab with my username. Sorta starting to become skeptical of GitHub now.

Was the 1.3 terabit per second DDoS before the MSFT acquisition? Cuz that made me respect GitHub a ton and now these recent issues about ICE contracts and now your link are making me consider switching tbh

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