I really wish more people would be mindful of the difference between problems with capitalism and problems with plutocracy

Capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction in the form of successful capitalists seeking to convert market power to plutocratic power. They don't want capitalism to continue because it poses risks to them; they want a veneer of capitalism but over which they can exert greater control

If we're not mindful of that, the end of capitalism comes by overt plutocracy. That's not an improvement.

@calcifer just finished reading "The Great Derangement" by Amitav Ghosh, which centrally points out that while Capitalism is a fine source to blame for the pace of climate change, we should focus more on the Imperial underpinnings, because any green reforms to modern Capitalism that leave the dominance and colonizing power inequality in place will lead to a worse not better place.

@loppear @calcifer when it happens in developing countries, we're quick to call it 'crony capitalism', but of course the pipeline to plutocracy exists in the OECD too, especially in adherents of Anglo-American-style capitalism.

The worrying thing is how entrenched the plutocrats are especially in the US

@loppear yes. Capitalism has specific problems of its own: most of which circle around its difficulty dealing with privilege, generational wealth, and cases where you have a necessary good/service in short supply (where it tends to fail to distribute that good ethically or even equitably).

But many social problems that get blamed on capitalism are cases where other structures (like imperialism, as you say; or racism, patriarchy, etc.) exploit capitialisms weaknesses or the like. They are problems that will persist in the absence of capitialism; they'll just change their form

@calcifer I'm also finishing up reading Wilkerson's "Caste" which is a similar matter of naming a contributing system often conflated with a related one: Kendi's "Stamped from the Beginning" describes racist ideas as a product arising from discrimination serving power; "Caste" directly describes the mechanisms of that system of discrimination in maintaining elite power. It's not obvious that the caste system could stand without racism, but ignoring caste blocks attempts to solely address racism.

@calcifer why i don't trust accelerationists in a nutshell

@FuchsiaShock yuuup. I've not met one yet that has a realistic idea about how to avoid the powerful entrenching their power during the decline they hope to accelerate. It doesn't appear to be a thoughtful position in the least.

@calcifer yeah, like they think there'll just be a revolution and then everything will automatically be great, or something

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