Does anyone maintain a list of marketplaces that are alternatives to the excessively greedy ones? Like, is there an Etsy-like that treats its artists/sellers better? What about a better t-shirt place than cafe press et al? And so on…

@calcifer It's not really an online market place, but for t-shirts and stuff, look for a screen printer in your local area. They may be more expensive, but they will produce a much higher quality product than cafepress.

@pizza_pal this is true, but I'm less interested in having my stuff made than I am in buying things from artists and makers

@calcifer I do a lot of T-shirt and print work throug RedBubble. They have their issues on scale - implemented upload limits some time back - and aren't the cheapest, but they've mostly treated me well.

Which said, while RB doesn't charge me to sell, their prices to the end user are not the cheapest out there. Greed is definitely in play, though I think it's less than one finds on CafePress.


Curious as to other options should you find 'em, but places that don't charge sellers are key.

@calcifer i don't know much about this website but it's supposed to be specifically for black-owned businesses. not sure about the pay structure tho

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