Getting real tired of people using the language of social justice to play out their own moral-superiority fantasies by making people feel bad for making the best of a bad situation

Today's example: shaming poor people for shopping at Walmart. Yes, Walmart is an awful company. But if shopping there is what it takes for someone to survive the plutocratic hellscape we live in, maybe they're not the people you should be looking down your nose at

You're not "contributing to oppression" by buying food where you can best afford to do so

@calcifer also moreover you’re not fighting oppression by going to like whole foods or whatever

@calcifer @Shufei I have similar feelings about rural people using Amazon, especially during the pandemic. Ignoring that many brick & mortar stores are pretending it's 2008 & refusing to stock things, the cost of fuel & time are often greater than having something shipped.

From an ethical & moral perspective, I hate Amazon, but most of my options would cost me more personally, & I'm not wealthy enough to absorb that added cost.

@calcifer There's no ethical consumption under capitalism, basically.

@calcifer telling coal miners that their personal consumption choices are problematic

@calcifer the local store is twice as expensive as walmart and although I try to minimise the time spent there, sometimes I don't have another way

and they're the cheapest tire shop in town too so I have to use them for that

do they just want me to starve and have zero mobility? (I'm in a Midwest city with horrible public transportation, car ownership is non-optional)

there's hills worth literally dying on, but this ain't one of em

@Elizafox @calcifer This is literally part of why Walmart is so bad: they undercut everyone else, so that often they're the only option some people actually have, which helps them drive everyone else out of business and cut out competition. That's a major part of their business strategy. Blaming the people who can't afford to shop elsewhere when their business strategy is literally to take advantage of those people is just absurd. It isn't going to help anyone or discourage them from shopping there, it's just going to make them feel like shit.

When I was in poverty, I always felt like shit when I'd shop at big companies like that, but it was often the only stuff I could actually afford; or the only way I could have some money left over to save in case I'd need it later, which is pretty damn important. It just added another reason to feel bad about myself on top of an already massive pile, which made everything worse.

We Germans pissed off Walmart, because Kaufland is cheaper.
And no one needs to sing starting the morning shift...

@wauz Je starker die Gewerkschaften, desto besser das Ergebnis. Kicking a place like Walmart to the curb in the US is significantly harder, both because it's entrenched and because worker protections in the US are hilariously bad, making it much more difficult to have effective unions where they're needed most.

Unions are almost done here, too. For two reasons: first, legal restrictions throttling struggle, second, DGB and member unions have become institutional investors. They are more soothing than struggling. Worst of all them has become ver.di, now the biggest one. It's the joined HBV, ÖTV, and - tataa! - DAG and some smaller unions. Its function is - seems like - to stop all union activity on their site. If they can't stop sth, they set insane objectives, which does same


It also helps people buy into the idea that rural and middle America is backwards because they go to Walmart - not realizing that for many who don't live in urban centers that is sometimes the only option, let alone the cheapest.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

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