I learned from a mental health project that I worked on that you can have a completely Anonymous human network of trust and sharing in health data. So if you can do it there can it be done in movements and activism? Is knowledge of who is in the trenches with you a requirement of building a movement or can complete strangers join together for a digital cause and resist surveillance. @thegibson that's the question at the core of the project.

@c0ntr0l_4lt_d00m Pal, you are in the right place.

I am on the exact same page with you.

I have long used the Batman Metaphor... Is Batman, Bruce Wayne, or is Bruce Wayne, Batman?

Does it matter?

I have done healthcare data anonymization before... funny something like that is at the center of your idea... but I see it.

Depends on the data, and how it will be acted upon. In the case of healthcare, those who input data are known and vetted. There is a certain amount of trust for those with elevated access, as there are significant penalties for disclosing data (HIPAA).

That model changes when there are no negative incentives, and you have an active set of parties who are rewarded and never penalized for corrupting or mining data.

The project was not within a hospital framework and though HIPPA was still compliant their was no use of names, logins, or identity on the part of the users.

I'm not saying that starting with a mental health data anonymization model is a bad idea.

If you are going to look at applying a model to this environment, just be aware that the actors change, and this affects reliability.

Any meaningful social justice movement has police infiltrators, paid informants, and bad actors (foreign agents, misanthropes, opposition from similar groups) once it publicly scales.

@c0ntr0l_4lt_d00m @thegibson
I apologize, it's been one of those days.

What I should have said was it would be interesting to come up with tests to catch bad actors, and otherwise it's an interesting idea.

All of the other devils advocate crap I posted you can just ignore.

There is nothing wrong with red team / blue teaming it. I was just clearing up the idea that the project I work worked on in mental health there was no identity on either side unless a prescription was needed. At that point you had a virtual meeting with a doctor and you needed identity to get the prescription filled because the US isnt on single payer lol.

We assigned randomly generated names to the clients and practitioners. All services were free up to the point of interacting with The System (Prescriptions).

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