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It's time for your irregular reminder that if you want to learn the basics of design principles, The Non Designers Design Book by Robin Williams is an excellent introduction.

Aww I'm so glad there's a plural pride day. Much love to my system friends. Especially my sweet fox 🦊

illuminated manuscript

that's the phrase I was looking for

a week ago

but now is when it came to me


venting about type faces 

ok what about something stylish and legible?

Front End Developer Contract 

Front End Developer

  • 100% Remote
  • Freelance
  • Next Week -> October
  • 40 Hours a week
  • $50-$60/hour
  • Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS
  • Contact Creative Circle

@glitter Is there a generally accepted gender neutral word for "child" in Spanish? I know traditionally everything's gendered but I was wondering if there's a newer term we can support.

I get hyped for my friends successes because I know they will do the same for mine.

(1) Have boyfriend over
(2) Apartment flooding
(3) ???

Please tell me #3 is something good

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