Show more and friends of turn out was about 40 people to tonight's community planning event 🀯

It was so great seeing you all. I'm really looking forward to what everyone shares and builds.

@deepseed hi normally I require an introduction to follow me (as I've posted on my bio) going forward please read people's profiles before following them

I've vented. I'm going to bed now.

Be excellent to each other.

Please, we should be lifting each other up.

Not looking for ways to bet better than someone else.

If you want to honor your heritage, your culture, and your ancestors, help make things better for everyone.

If you are white (or a pass as white), you are in a position to lead and be heard. You can encourage real changes.

It's not a burden. Rather, if you use it for others, it's a gift.

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I get fired up on the topic of "white passing."

I get it. You're might be a minority in some other way. Valid. I'm not taking that from you.

I'm just saying if you pass as white in the USA then you're white in the USA.

Also I wonder how much trouble I would start if I made a pull request to change that to "template" instead of "master"

Show thread service PSA will be offline this weekend while I rebuild my web servers

fediverse, USA Politics 

I'm just glad all the likely places anyone from the Trump regime would likely land here in the fediverse are probably already blocked... well here at at least 🍡

USA Politics, Apple 

supposedly Parler's app has been denied entry to the Apple App Store


Wondering if I should start selling printable stationery files again.

huh, it's been a while

On for 12 years 10 months

web design, pun 

My favorite web design cryptid is

sass --watch


title: "Drupal Technical Lead / Architect"

actual description: systems architect + DevOps + drupal developer

that's 3 different jobs :blobglare:​

just once I want to see a job listing that says "Join our merge conflict of developers today!"

I say this as I copy 5GB off my phone to my computer πŸ˜‚

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