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I refuse to learn how to deploy a node.js server to production

me: sees Aurynn wish people happy friday

brain, 15 seconds later: OH! Right! Timezones.

re: cryptography, chat apps 

@irl ping me when it's ready? I've been pondering writing that up myself so I can get more people to do it.

re: cryptography, chat apps 

update: and now also some guy who plays guitar somewhere in the middle of the USA

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re: USA Politics Upsetting 

@KungFuChickenNoodle yeah, they didn't choose to have them performed. They were performed on them.

cryptography, chat apps 

The only people who care to verify their matrix sessions with me are my boyfriend and a clown in Texas.

re: USA Politics, Silly Request 

@sng oh that's smart

re: USA Politics, Silly Request 

@lordbowlich that's something that can be relearned fairly easily. IMO eyeballing thirds and quarters is a separate skill.

re: USA Politics, Silly Request 

@lordbowlich I mean you do you but making the official measurement system metric and teaching it to the kids would be rad as fuck

USA Politics, Silly Request 

Mr Biden can we please also switch to the Metric system?

@Jo left shark never left. left shark is forever in our hearts.

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