I hope Papa Sundog and TheGibson don't get too mad 😜

Sparkle scarf is done!

It's not as big as I wanted but it's cute and warm 😊

Selfie (no eye contact) attached.

re: eye-twitch, opinion, ableism? 

@banjofox honestly I've learned to put extra jokes in the alt text ... like thank you for reading here's bonus snark ;)

re: eye-twitch, opinion, ableism? 

@banjofox this is the first step on the journey. the rest are "practice, practice, practice"

@healyn You've been hanging out with my Ex-husband haven't you 🀣

hey fedi

how would you say "lead cat herder" in Latin?

re: ddos-guard, parler, deplatforming 

@thegibson @remotenemesis only if they're fleece lined ... it's cold in data centers

Juju: this one thing is weird
All of Juju's friends: We love it!

I have failed. I didn't charge my wireless headphones last night.

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