Sparkle scarf is done!

It's not as big as I wanted but it's cute and warm 😊

Selfie (no eye contact) attached.

I would like to take a moment to make a Brave Little Toaster appreciation post.

Anyways back to fun things!

Here a picture of my pen glowing in the dark.

The thing glowing greenish is the diffuser on a small flashlight.

People posting support for Play Vicious after it's already gone offline.

We see you.

Practice βœ…

re-posting from earlier with corrected spelling because I really shouldn't be posting before coffee πŸ˜‚

Good morning cy-boys and cyber girls! I am happy to announce that God has let live another day and I am about to make that everybody's problem!

alcohol reference, fundraising 

I'm looking for help with hosting costs. Buy some stickers and stuff for "The Leaky Bucket"

finished workshop!

hidden among the barrels are hopper based "machines": left corner is a furnace with hoppers in & out, right corner has a compost bin with hoppers in & out.

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finished outside. the stairs are for the villagers who get into the moat. :flan_eyeroll:​

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There were a lot of good stickers but this one made me giggle out loud

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