not gonna get tired of seeing rockets stick their return landing

that was sci-fi when I was a kid

Also I needed to switch to crewed instead of manned because language is important.

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@c0debabe Same. It’s faster in reality than the slow descent in old movies and illustrations, which is interesting - makes me think of the helicopter in the movie of Things to Come

@c0debabe I may not like the guy, but that was straight up impressive.

@c0debabe and it had LANDING GEAR!!!

*indecipherable giggly noises*

@c0debabe also, Wally Funk getting to go up made me very happy.

@c0debabe space shuttle launches were still a new thing, and every single one was a big deal--i remember one of my high school teachers wheeling in the TV so we could watch it live.

@c0debabe the whole new concept of re-usable spacecraft

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