thanks to everyone reporting spam accounts! don't forget to forward it to the originating server too.:)

@c0debabe still can’t believe this isn’t on by default.

@c0debabe it feels kinda pointless to just report them to your own instance?

@moiety yes and no.... I block them when they come in :flan_shrug:

@c0debabe oh for sure. But why wouldn’t you always want to report to the originating instance too?

@moiety I can definitely think of cases where you'd want to report to your moderators but not to the originator, for fear of retaliation. If it's a bad instance the report is useless to forward, and can only bring bad things.

@irl that makes sense. But should it be the default because of that?

@moiety I think the default should be for user safety, and that means that by default you shouldn't automatically tell the person upsetting you that you are upset. Informed consent would require that the user knows and understands that the report is going to be forwarded to the originating instance, which may or may not be the originating user of the message.

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