I get fired up on the topic of "white passing."

I get it. You're might be a minority in some other way. Valid. I'm not taking that from you.

I'm just saying if you pass as white in the USA then you're white in the USA.


Please, we should be lifting each other up.

Not looking for ways to bet better than someone else.

If you want to honor your heritage, your culture, and your ancestors, help make things better for everyone.

If you are white (or a pass as white), you are in a position to lead and be heard. You can encourage real changes.

It's not a burden. Rather, if you use it for others, it's a gift.


@c0debabe I'm always like...just be the white Latina who unplugs the speakers at a trump rally instead of calling PoC racist when they identify a privilege you obviously have and obviously benefit from, even if there are other ways you're marginalized, and even if you weren't given the choice of whether to opt-in to being included in whiteness.

Xenophobia/other oppression is real and awful and not being denied. But it's not the fault of PoC that the way whiteness is conferred is laughably superficial. The structure of whiteness is what attempts to flatten people and erase other things about them, not the people who simply point out that this is part of how whiteness works. Attack whiteness, that's the thing that's alienating.

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